Looking for Quality Interior Painters Near you? CalRes are professional painting contractors who have the expertise to fully bring your home’s interior rooms to life.

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Our Interior Painting Process

Our process for interior painting depends on the scope of work. Will we be painting the walls? Trim and doors? Ceilings? Faux finishing? Cabinets, etc.? Do you [the client] want a sprayed finish? A brush finish? Rolled finish? The one thing that is consistent between all jobs it starts with preparation. Preparation includes:

  • filling nail holes
  • patching drywall
  • pole sanding walls completely
  • masking basboards
  • covering floors (12″ border of tape and paper, plus drop sheets or rosin paper for spray jobs)
  • applying caulking
  • sealing stains
  • priming unpainted surfaces

We go beyond what other painting companies offer in terms of preparation. This ensures that surfaces being painted allow for a beautiful finished product.

From there we apply only top quality paints. We are not brand loyal so we select paints and finishes base on durability, performance and aesthetic. Top quality paints applied by top quality painters. Trained, experience and friendly. You will not find higher quality people in the industry.