Tired of looking at the same wall colors that you’ve been looking at for years? Want to refresh or renew your home or office building with that “new-look” feel where the quality of the paint work on your baseboards, walls, door trims, and doors leaves you surprised and embarrassed at yourself for even thinking that your paint work looks that good.

That is the feeling all our customers at CalRes Painting Bearspaw have when we’ve completed interior and exterior painting projects on people’s houses or their businesses commercial spaces. That feeling of exceptional quality every time.

When you use CALRES PAINTING to do the painting in your home or office, you’ll be blown away.

We don’t rush any of our jobs. |We take the time on each and every project to do not just a great job, but an exceptional job. That’s what leads to a great quality paint job.


It’s about the right preparation, the right tools, the right paint products, and the right painter, with the right mindset; that culminates in an end product that you will be proud of.

We have an experienced set of teams comprising of painting professionals that are focused first and foremost on leaving you with a paint job that meets not only meets your needs, but also the high standards we set ourselves. For each and every paint project we embark on, we tailor our painting teams based on the size and scope of each individual project. This enables us to ensure we not only deliver to a timescale that is sensible, but also to a high quality end finish. We want to over deliver on each and every project…and we do.


Interior painting comes naturally to us. Put plainly, we are the experts. We stand by our work, and firmly and honestly believe we are second to no to other painting company in the Calgary/Bearspar region. Past customers don’t just like their paint job…they love their paint jobs.

We use superior paint products to ensure a first class paint finish and we won’t walk away from your interior painting job, until you are satisfied. Ask our past clients.

We have the team and the skills to manage all types of jobs large or small; from complete interior (top to bottom); to a single room refresh; to refinishing your kitchen or living room cabinets.

We can handle any size or complexity of job.


We are also conscious of the environment. As a result, part of our business includes recycling paint at our shop in Calgary? For more information on paint recycling, please contact us.


Not only are we interior experts at painting, we are also experts at painting exteriors too. This further enables us to handle complete interior and exterior painting projects. Take your pick of the types and variety of exterior painting projects we can cater for; whether you need your brick painted, or your stucco, vinyl and wood siding, exterior doors and trim. We can help.


Why not contact us today in order to get a free quote and learn more about how CalRes can help redefine your home or office space. One of our painting experts will come to your business or home to learn more about the work you would like us to do so that we fully understand the scope of the project.

We will then formulate an individual painting plan for your project which enables us to understand how much paint will be needed (along with colors), what preparation work is needed and for how long, how many painters to bring to the project, etc.. This will enable us to provide you with a price in writing for your painting project.

We will then schedule with you your painting commencement date and timeline. Prior to your scheduled paint day, we’ll call you to reconfirm the essential details of your project.


Have you ever had an experience with contractors that mess up and disrespect your home and items? Not with us. We respect our customers’ homes and offices. Our team will protect items of furniture, cupboards, flooring and all other property with appropriate covers and sheets to save your property from any spills.

Our next phase is to carry out the preparation work on all walls and surfaces to be painted. This isn’t just a brief sanding of the area. Our teams are thorough, ensuring all holes are filled and caulked, and areas are sanded and smooth before even thinking about a first base coat. Once spraying or painting commences, we ensure the areas are inspected for a complete finish.


In order to ensure no delays on a project, we kindly request that any breakables are removed from the vicinity of the area(s) to be painted. We love our furry friends however we also advise keeping pets away from the painting area whilst our painting teams are on site. We wouldn’t want to see paw prints on the walls or floors!


The project foreman of your painting team will work throughout the project to ensure and maintain a quality finish. Their goal is your complete satisfaction and they are your first port of call for contact in relation to the project. Once completed, your project foreman will walk through the project with you to inspect the quality of the work and to ensure that there are no further work or touch-ups needed. Once the project is confirmed as complete, our teams will clean up the project space, leaving you with your newly painted area.


Call us or Request a Quote online when you’re ready to get a free estimate from one of our painting team experts. We can also help with color consultations. With CALRES PAINTING Bearspaw, you’ll see what a difference a superior paint job makes.

Areas Served

We serve Calgary and the surrounding areas including: