Whether you need painting for a single room, a few rooms, or your entire home or office in Canmore, AB, our expert teams of painting contractors can fulfill your needs.

At CalRes PAINTING Canmore, our local painting specialists can provide a superior quality paint finish to your space, giving it a completely renewed and refreshed look that often leaves our customers amazed.


If you are looking for a Canmore painter to manage your large or small, easy or complex painting project, then why not look to CALRES PAINTING. We have a dedicated team of painting experts is ready and willing to work with you to complete your project.

Many home and business owners have tried their hand at painting, and whilst this is always an option, it takes time, effort and a great deal of work which could be spent either with your family and friends or working on your business. Not only that, why take a chance on the quality of the work not meeting your own high standards when you can work with a painting contractor that stands by its guarantee of a high quality finish. We have high standards of our own which ensures that you will be satisfied with the end result and be left a space you can be proud of.

We achieve this by working with our local team of painting experts that are professional and experienced who will not compromise their work to ensure you get the best possible painting job completed for you. They care about the quality of work they do.


Painting projects don’t need to be hard or overcomplicated. That’s why we keep things simple from start to finish. First we will assess the project in order that we can provide a complete estimate for the work and truly understand your needs, and advise on the appropriate options. Once the project is confirmed, we will advise as to the scheduled start date for the work. Once we have ensured your home or business is protected with the appropriate covers, and safeguards to ensure no spills, we will start and perform all the necessary prep work, ensuring holes are filled and caulked, and areas are sanded and smooth before even thinking about a first base coat. Once spraying or painting commences, we ensure the areas are inspected for a complete finish.


In order to ensure no delays on a project, we kindly request that any breakables are removed from the vicinity of the area(s) to be painted. We love our furry friends however we also advise keeping pets away from the painting area whilst our painting teams are on site. We wouldn’t want to see paw prints on the walls or floors!


If you want a rapid paint job, completed in record time, then we probably are not the painting contractor to work with. However, if you want a painting contractor that diligently ensures that all the work areas are prepared properly to maximize the quality of the paint finish; if you want a contractor that works and communicates with you every step of the way and that can advise on appropriate paint colors, paint quality, and has expertise from having many years of experience in the industry; if you want a contractor that will ensure your home and belongings are protected from spills; and fundamentally if you want a group of painters that is committed to ensure your paint project is the best it can be…then CALRES PAINTING is the contractor you should contact today.


CALRES PAINTING is continually providing great interior and exterior painting projects in the Canmore area. Call us today or request a quote online and one of our painting experts would love to discuss your painting project with you.

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