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Benefits of Working with CalRes
  • Quality
    We are confident in the work we do and the finish we provide. We never compromise quality for time.
  • Cleanliness 
    We clean up every day after we finish
  • Pricing
    We are not the cheapest, but we don't claim to be. We claim to be the best at what we do.
  • Warranty
    We provide a 1 year guarantee on all labor
  • Availability
    We have multiple crews available which means we are able to schedule your job in a timely manner to give you realistic schedules that accommodate your lives. 
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In house painting, contracts are normally awarded through a tender process that requires cost and time estimations. When required, CRCL goes beyond simply providing quotes and offers its customers detailed consultations that involve a process of suggestions and recommendations that can be included in the subsequent tender.
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Here's What People Are Saying about CalRes Painting
Cal-Res Coatings did an amazing job in our home. They were on time, efficient, and very reasonable. Josh and his guys were very professional and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a painter very quickly. They came in under both time expected and price quoted.

Loretta Schaufele, Calgary
I have worked on several projects with Cal-Res, and they have amazing people in all areas of the organization. Their company philosophy will change the industry one day, as they treat each customer as a valuable asset for life, and they treat their employees/trades with respect. I hope to help them succeed on their vision in any way that I can, and I fully recommend them to anyone looking for an ethical painter.
Joel Klassen, Calgary
Video Overview
Management Insights
This short 2 minute video talks about a client; "Betty Anne". The story focuses on something, we at CalRes Painting take very seriously, and that is our customers. Our priority is you the customer, and we believe in delivering value in the quality of work we deliver, but also going above and beyond.
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